When to Schedule Carpet Cleaning Services

If you own a home, you want to keep it looking as new as the day you bought it. While it’s easy for carpets and rugs to become stained or dirty from everyday wear and tear, professional cleaning services can reverse this. Below are a few factors to help you decide when carpets and rugs should be cleaned:

When to Schedule Carpet Cleaning Services, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Carpet Warranty

If you have a warranty on the carpet, it may only be valid under specific conditions. Many manufacturers require the carpeting to be steam cleaned at least once a year to keep it fresh. Even if you don’t have a warranty, the general rule-of-thumb is to schedule a cleaning annually so your home is free of allergens and dirt.


If you live alone or with a partner, your carpet may not have much daily dirt and grime. However, a family with children means more foot traffic. If you have young kids running around your home, it is recommended to schedule a carpet cleaning every nine to 12 months.


carpet cleaning

If you have pets, you should have more frequent cleanings, as in every three to six months. This is because there are excess dander and fur trapped in the carpet fibers, which may cause allergies among family members. A dog may bring in dirt after walks and cause the carpet to look dull after some time. Scheduling a deep cleaning service will keep your rugs looking and smelling fresh.

Keep your home or business immaculate by routinely scheduling the carpet cleaning services of McGarvey’s Cleaning Service in Clearfield, PA. They have been providing the area with top-notch residential and commercial cleaning solutions for over 30 years. The friendly technicians use environmentally friendly products to leave your property sparkling. 


  1. John Lincomb
    November 21, 2017 at 11:55 pm

    Great read! I’m always looking for good info on cleaning, tips, etc…
    sharing on FB. thanks.

  2. Deb Pearl
    February 26, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    I would love to get my carpets professionally cleaned, but I don’t know when would be the best time to hire them. That is good to know that a family with pets should have more frequent cleanings, every three to six months. I will have to call in for an appointment to get my carpets cleaned soon then! Thank you for the tips!

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