How A Commercial Cleaning Service Makes a Difference for Your Company


Your office space is more than a place to pass the time during the week. It creates the ambiance that defines the work experience. Depending on what your company does, it may also have a direct impact on how customers perceive your brand. To keep your office space looking its best, invest in a commercial cleaning service. Here’s how this makes a difference.

The Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Service

commercial cleaning service

One of the top reasons to hire a commercial cleaning service is to have a healthier office. An office phone can contain up to 25,000 bacteria in only an inch of space. This exposure can get you and the rest of your employees sick, putting the office at high risk of disease. Even if you can’t see signs of germs, the buildup grows quickly if a lot of time passes between cleanings.

Over time, this bacteria buildup manifests in an unorganized and dirty-looking environment, from stained sinks and dingy carpets to disorganized desks. Letting even minor cleaning chores go unnoticed creates a cluttered and unpleasant atmosphere. This can turn away potential customers and hurt employee productivity.

By using a commercial cleaning service in the office at least once a week, you will avoid these problems and keep productivity levels high. By maintaining a regular cleaning schedule, your team will be healthy and successful, and your customers will be glad to visit.

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