5 Ways Professional Office Cleaning Can Improve Your Business

     A clean office is a professional office. The bustle of normal day-to-day operations often makes it impossible for most businesses to clean their spaces. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional office cleaning company to keep your workspace in order, there are several notable benefits to consider.  1) Allows You to Put Your Best Foot Forward…

Clean Non-Maintenance Floors?

Cleaning bio-spec and non-maintenance floors requires special equipment and detergents. Let the experts handle your cleaning. Gently clean the surface to remove the build up off the floor and restore for a clean, fresh appearance.

Great New Look! Same Great Service!

At McGarvey’s we believe in a clean and fresh appearance that you and your guests will remember.  That’s why we’re introducing our all-new company brand. Formerly known as Pro-Care, we welcome you back to McGarvey’s Cleaning Service.