We have always used corner guards to protect corners, baseboards, and furniture. Making our customers top priority since 1982.

When to Schedule Carpet Cleaning Services

If you own a home, you want to keep it looking as new as the day you bought it. While it’s easy for carpets and rugs to become stained or dirty from everyday wear and tear, professional cleaning services can reverse this. Below are a few factors to help you decide when carpets and rugs should be cleaned: Carpet…

5 Ways Professional Office Cleaning Can Improve Your Business

     A clean office is a professional office. The bustle of normal day-to-day operations often makes it impossible for most businesses to clean their spaces. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional office cleaning company to keep your workspace in order, there are several notable benefits to consider.  1) Allows You to Put Your Best Foot Forward…

Spring Offer: $15 Gas and Coffee Gift Card

LET IN THE SPRING WITH FRESH CLEANING AND GET A $15 GAS AND COFFEE GIFT CARD! After the cleaning is finished, simply review and like our Facebook. Your gift card will be mailed to you directly. Don’t wait, call today and schedule your professional  cleaning!  

Clean Non-Maintenance Floors?

Cleaning bio-spec and non-maintenance floors requires special equipment and detergents. Let the experts handle your cleaning. Gently clean the surface to remove the build up off the floor and restore for a clean, fresh appearance.

How To Take Care of Your Outdoor Grill

How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Grill There’s nothing more enjoyable to food lovers everywhere than firing up the gas grill and creating some delicious meals, whether steaks, burgers, bratwursts or healthy home-grown vegetables. Here are a few easy steps to keeping your gas grill in good shape. : After cooking your favorite treat…

Mites or Mites Not?

Burr…its cold outside! Lets stay inside where its warm…. Your indoor air quality is very important. In the winter, everything is tightly closed and we spend most time indoors. Keep mites down with these quick tricks: